The Beach

The first thing I noticed about this place was that it seemed EVERYONE jogs. Driving in to town I must’ve seen over 50 joggers, all tanned and fit. I wondered if I lived here if I’d be more inclined to get in some daily exercise. A few minutes later, I checked into my hotel, noting the employee in shorts and flip flops and the breeze from the ocean that rippled through the open front doors. Suddenly I felt very far from the suits and 4-lane traffic of my hometown. I smiled to myself, took a deep breath of relaxation and felt the anxiety of a 6 hour drive melt away. I was here, at my destination where flip flops outnumber heels, the sound of the ocean waves are always in your ear, and the sea breeze tousles your hair as if to amuse you, beckoning you to unwind.

This. Is. The. Beach.

For those interested, this was taken at 10:20 pm – Lens- Canon EF 17-40 f/4.  Settings: ISO 160, 21 mm, F/4,  25.0 sec. This is SOOC, so except for a little sharpening that comes with Blogstomp, it’s unedited.

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