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    Hi there! My name is Currie FitzHugh and I am a wedding and relaxed portrait photographer based in Northern Virginia. This blog is not only to show off my amazing clients and keep up with my latest shoots; it's also for me to document my life as it happens! Here, you'll find stories (mine AND yours!) and lots of photos to go along with them. Take a look around and visit my website if you'd like to know more! I'd love to hear from you!

Margaret and Marshal | Whitehall Manor Wedding

Margaret and Marshal had SUCH a beautiful wedding day and I’m SO excited to share it with you! It might have been the feeling of catching up with old friends, or the acknowledgement of God’s goodness, or Sarah’s aca-awesome Pitch Perfect reference that made this day one of my favorites! Not to mention the incredible Whitehall Manor as a backdrop, the amazing weather and, of course, the beautiful love of Margaret and Marshal. It filled my heart to watch the day unfold and I’m so excited for the life that’s in store for these two! I absolutely loved being a part of this day – check out some of my favorites!

Her dress was stunning!!

I loved this photo because there are 5 rings shown – Margaret’s engagement and wedding rings, Marshal’s wedding ring, and Margaret’s great aunt’s rings (whom she was named after) that she also wore. Pretty!

Such beautiful flowers!

Had to include this one of Margaret’s nephew – too cute!!

This is why I always love natural light in the getting ready shots! Beautiful!

And THIS friends, is one of my favorite shots of all time!

You’re so beautiful Margaret!

First look! It was so sweet!

We had some time for portraits and I loved how they turned out!


Definitely a favorite!

Such a fun bridal party!

Pretty girls!!

Isn’t this an awesome place for a ceremony?!

I loved this God-honoring ceremony!


The inside of Whitehall was all decked out in gorgeous navy and pink; loved it!

I absolutely adore it when couples use their engagement photos for something awesome like this!

Dinner time prayer by Marshal’s dad. I loved everything he said about keeping God the center of their marriage!

Apparently, Marshal needed a movie-cation.

I love couples who are awesome and step outside with me for a few minutes right as the sun is setting!

I adore this one!

Another favorite of mine!

First dances are my favorite:-)

Recognize these two? Margaret was a bridesmaid at Kim’s wedding last year, and this time Kim was a bridesmaid for Margaret! I can’t tell you what an honor it was to be a part of both weddings!! I love these girls!

Congrats you two!! I wish you the very best!!

Thanks to all the awesome vendors who made this day possible!

Wedding Dress – David’s Bridal

Cake – Kimberly’s Cakes

Flowers – Rick’s Flowers

Venue – Whitehall Manor

Hair and Makeup – Alison Harper & Co.

Colt at 13 weeks

Hello friends!  Last May, I wrote about our sweet new puppy Maebelle. She was 13 weeks and learning so much! Well, now it’s little Colt’s turn! I just realized that I didn’t blog about him when I got him since I put it on Facebook instead, so let me summarize: We got him in Lexington at 8 weeks old and here’s his first-day-at-home picture:

This past Saturday marked his 13th week of being alive, so I thought it was only appropriate to write about him too!

People keep telling me what a calm (read: lazy) puppy he is, and it’s true. He gets his little bursts of energy every now and again, but it’s usually the first thing people say: “He’s so calm!”  He is gaining more strength though, and today was the first day he made it all the way up the stairs by himself! Of course, he couldn’t stay up there because he’s not TOTALLY house trained yet. But it’s almost there. As for sleeping, it was a rough and very tiresome start, but he can now make it through the night in his crate without yelping, whimpering, or whining. For the most part. He is starting to like walks more now, though he sometimes will still stop for no reason and dig in his heels. He knows sit, come, leave it, shake, down, sleep (where he goes on his side), belly, and high five.  We’ve sort of introduced stay, but haven’t really worked on it a ton yet.  He’s a fairly good listener and likes to sleep a lot during the day.

Colt at 13 weeks, and Maebelle below at 13 weeks!


I think the most interesting thing to watch has been how Maebelle and Colt get along. It didn’t start off amazingly, but they seem to like each other now. They’ve been getting better about not eating each other’s food. In my opinion, they take turns being bullies to each other, but it seems that Colt is more likely to start playing/biting/nipping. I think once Colt grows out of his puppiness, he won’t be so annoying to Maebelle.   But they are SO cute together! Check out these photos!

This was pretty close to when we got him I think..sorry for the quality for the next few; they’re just iPhone pictures!

I think they wanted to come back inside!

And this is from video I posted on Facebook a few weeks ago. It was pretty cute..

And this of course is today! Look at our cutenesses!

Molly and Cooper | Foxchase Manor Wedding

Apparently when I was in college, I held the opinion that I didn’t want to shoot my friends’ weddings. I hadn’t done it yet, but I remember feeling like I would probably be missing out on special times with my friends as a guest, that I’d feel like I was working and not making memories with the people there.

When Cooper and Molly got engaged, he reminded me of this opinion I had (I guess I was vocal about it) and I couldn’t believe it! Did I really say that? I’ve now shot a few friends’ weddings (2 in row!) and nothing could be farther from the truth! It is an amazing honor and privilege to be involved, to be with the bride and groom for the whole day and to experience the moments with them. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m so so so happy that I could share the day with Molly and Cooper in that way. It is something I’ll remember and cherish forever!

Enjoy a ton of my favorites!

So, Molly’s perfume was really photogenic! Is that weird?

Cooper opening the letter Molly’s writing in the left photo..

She got him jerseys with their name and wedding date!

Aww siblings:-)

He got her a paddle boat! It wasn’t gonna fit in the hotel room though…

Cooper is usually laughing and smiling, but I LOVE this quieter photo of him!

Getting ready for the first look! So exciting!

I LOVE first looks!!

A few minutes for portraits!

Molly, you’re SO BEAUTIFUL!

One of my favorites:-)

This one is sweet

They’re so happy!

Wow Molly!


Pastor Bearden told them to take a minute and soak in all the people who loved them and had come to see them, so the audience got a little wave from the bride and groom:-)

The vows were unique and awesome!

They also have hearts of gold!

I love Jeff and Pat in this photo..

I am in love with this color combination!

Such pretty girls!!!

And the men…I love these guys with my whole heart!


This tree background is pretty simple but I REALLY love it!

Awesome cake topper!

Entertainment was by Main Line Affair and they were fabulous!

Fun intros!



These guys could dance!

Molly surprised Cooper with an awesome groom’s cake – I loved their reactions!

CNU!!  So many thanks to Tyler of Herrinton Media for taking this so I could be in it too!  He and his wife did the videography for the day and I can’t wait to see another of their awesome videos!!


SO many thanks to the amazing vendors!!

Planner: Trisha, Ashlee Virginia Events
Venue: Foxchase Manor
Videography: Herrinton Media
Cake: Emma, The Happy Tart
Caterer: Rachael, R&R Catering
Florist: Melissa, My Wedding Flowers
Hair: Jacinda, Bridal Artistry
Makeup: Desha Butler
Entertainment: Mainline Affair
Transportation: Reston Limo


Erin and Keith | Charlottesville Wedding

Erin and Keith were married on a gorgeous Saturday surrounded by their family and friends.  I count myself amazingly blessed to be counted in the “friends and family” category.  I know I’ve said it before, but Erin is one of those hearts that you just adore, and being a part of her wedding day was a total and complete honor. Both Erin and Keith have a certain amount of reservation and gentleness, but they love their friends with a fierce loyalty, for which I’m truly grateful. They make a fabulous pair and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!

I was so in love with her dress! Wait until you see the back!

(By the way, these are probably some of my favorite details I’ve ever shot! Love them!)

Each girl had a little silver clutch too! I was loving the sparkle!

Erin and Keith were married at Unity Church in Charlottesville. They just refinished their reception hall, making it the perfect place for Erin and Keith’s wedding!

The girls had some fun getting ready:-)

The little mouse figurine was Erin’s grandmother’s and it looked so cute peeking out of the flowers!


Some of my favorite portraits! Erin, you are stunning!

This one is my favorite I think! Such a model!

The girlies! This might be the first time that I knew all the bridesmaids before the wedding day! So fun!

Another Jordy sighting!

I got to spend a short time with Keith too, and he was looking pretty studly in his wedding attire!

My favorite!

The ceremony was beautiful!

Riley was the cutest ring bearer ever! Plus he had a ring bear. Which was amazing too:-)


Awesome bridal party!

Erin’s cake was made by a family friend and she did an incredible job!!

I love candy  bars!

I think first dances are possibly the best part of the wedding day. So romantic!

They were so happy!

Then the DJ opened up the floor to everyone!

John makes me laugh..

Leta! She’s made an appearance at my last two weddings!

Ha! Love this girl!

Jordy’s little sister! Leslie and Michael, you make adorable kids!

We also had some break-dancers!

CNU friends!! I love all these people SO MUCH and I loved sharing the day with them!

Haha Chris! I think he loves her 😉

I loved these two!!

Benefits of having an awesome couple – they stayed late for their portraits! The reception ended around 6:30 so I asked if they wouldn’t mind doing portraits then since we couldn’t get them done earlier in the day (which worked out for me because of lighting).  They were awesome enough to say yes and we even got to drive to the nearby golf course/park! Ya’ll are my heroes!

Love the one on the right!

I love this one a lot!

Erin climbed over that fence in her wedding dress (with ease, I might add) and it was totally worth it!

I loved this spot! And they are the sweetest:-)

Charlottesville mountains are so pretty!

This one might be my favorite from the whole day! Erin and Keith were so happy to be married and this picture shows it!

I’ll end on this one – the joining of hands and hearts for a lifetime.

Erin and Keith, I love you both so so very much! I loved celebrating with you, but more than that I loved seeing you both so happy to be married and starting life together. I know it’s going to be an amazing journey for you and I’m so excited that I could be there at the start with you. You both have the sweetest hearts and I’m incredibly blessed to know you and call you my friends.

Photographing Dresses

I realize that I don’t blog much anymore, (which I’m ok with! I’m busy working and living life!) but I wanted to share a little today about where to hang dresses and what I look for! This is a lesson that I’ve been putting into practice for a while now, but I recently had a couple examples that really reminded me how important it is! See, it’s not just hanging it by something pretty! The MOST important this is considering where the light is coming from!

At my most recent wedding, I was photographing a bridesmaid’s dress and I took it over to the largest light source I could find!  I happened to find a logical spot (a little framed cutout in the wall) and hung it. The cutout was blocked by the table with tons of church papers and boxes on it, so the first thing I did was move the table out of the shot. The shot below is just to show you the area I was working with.

So I had all the ingredients I needed – a large diffused light source and a place to hang a dress. (Sometimes if I can’t find a place to hang it, I’ll use a command hook so I can ensure that I hang it where there is good light!)  But you see, it’s not just enough to get the dress by good light. It’s important to use that light well. 

*KEY: The red x’s are where the spots I shot from, the small black arrows represent the direction I was facing, and the gray arrows are the direction of the light)

I generally start by photographing the dress from straight on and as I try to get a variety of shots, I eventually start moving around the dress.  The shots I keep are the ones that use light to create dimension.  As I got into shooting mode, I took a step to the left, which was more in line with where the light was coming from. So I was essentially standing between my light source and my subject.  After looking at my shot, I made some sort of “yuck!” sound and moved to the right side which I knew would offer more shadows.  What you can tell from the photos below is that when the diffused light is coming STRAIGHT on to something, it looks really flat and just not that pretty. When I moved to the right (so the light source was at about a 90 degree angle), I was catching all the shadows and highlights.   You can tell it’s a richer photo with more dimension. Dimension is always a good thing, because it makes things POP and come to life! It makes it feel more true to life, since we experience life in 3D! And it may sound funny, but the dress looks more expensive and elegant too!

It’s important to keep in mind that no amount of editing could change the first photo into the second photo. I used to wonder why I didn’t like my photos. I thought if I darkened the darks and lightened the lights, it would change. But it wasn’t that I wasn’t a good “editor”, it was that I wasn’t using light very well! As I’ve gotten better, I’ve definitely learned that there is no substitute for good light! And I’ve seen my photos change because of it.

Here are the dresses from straight on. You can tell that there are shadows are starting to form (compared to the above left photo) But in my mind, it’s still missing highlights. When I look at it, I see a mid tone and a shadow (which is fine) but the one on the right above does a better job of showing highlights, mid-tones and shadows.

Honestly, what it all comes down to is preference. If you don’t like having a lot of shadows, you don’t have to shoot this way! But the important thing is to experiment! See what your eye likes – that’s what makes photography great! You can use light the way you want to! It’s important though, that it’s done having educated yourself on the options! I don’t think that I have “mastered” using light, but I have learned a lot and I hope to keep learning more!