Kristy and Kyle | Washington D.C. Wedding

Every once in a while, a wedding comes along and it becomes incredibly precious to you. Don’t get me wrong; I love ALL weddings, but sometimes there is a wedding that reaches into my core and gets me fired up, not just because the wedding beautiful or the bride was stunning, but because there is so much more at work than a great celebration.

Yes, last Saturday we celebrated with Kristy and Kyle. Their love is beautiful and solid and based on rock solid truth, and it was my pleasure to be there for that. But I witnessed something so much greater; I witnessed two people who are so incredibly passionate about the Lord and how he’s changed their lives. Jesus was unashamedly written all over their entire day – from Joy’s prayer while the girls were getting ready, to the ceremony that proclaimed Jesus as the foundation of love and the reason for marriage, to the toasts where Kristy’s father boldly shared that Kristy and Kyle desired for all the guests to know and experience the reason for their joy and their union – the saving grace of Jesus Christ. They were an inspiration.

Having known Kristy since first grade, I can honestly say that I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing lady that she’s become. Growing up she was always someone I wanted to be like, but now that we’re’s still true. She is compassionate and loving. She is selfless and joyful. Her marriage meant a lot to me because I’ve known her for a long time, yes, but more than that, you could see how prevalent God was in their lives. It wasn’t just a party, it wasn’t just spending forever with the one they loved; it was a celebration to the Lord, to acknowledge his purpose and his work in Kristy and Kyle’s life. I couldn’t have been more thankful to be a part of it.

Kristy and Kyle, you’ll never know how amazing it was to be a part of your day. From the planning process to the sparkler exit, your love was like a breath of fresh air. When I look at you two, I see something different. And I think anyone who knows you would say the same thing. Thank you for being a beacon of light for the Lord; I’m so excited to see where He takes you and how he continues to work in your life! Thank you for being an example of deeply rooted, meaningful, and selfless love.

Whew, now that I’ve rambled forever, take a look at some of my favorites! (Get ready, there’s a lot!!)

We started the day at Kristy’s house; which I loved. I haven’t been there since before high school so the day started pretty nostalgically for me.. Kristy’s makeup was done by Meredith Ehler and she looked AMAZING..

I kind of experimented and asked for Kristy beforehand to gather some things for the day so I could assemble a detail pile. She did such an awesome job! Everything was perfect..

I loved that B!! And also, that’s her framed invitation:-)

Her shoes were awesome! And those are her mom’s earrings that she wore! Beautiful!

I’m a little obsessed with Kristy’s ring…

Kristy’s mom’s earrings are sitting on Kyle’s grandmother’s handkerchief, which Kristy carried with her.

Her dress was FABULOUS!! Oh my gosh, I loved it..

All of Kristy’s amazing florals were by Dionne’s Designs.


Kyle wrote an incredibly sweet note…

Beautiful window light with a beautiful bride? Yes please!

One of my faves..

Kristy, you are gorgeous!!!

Loved the lighting here…girls, you look GOOD!

Yay! A few more portraits..

Ok, I almost lost it when I took this picture. I’ve known this family basically my whole life! Now, I’m not a crier, but if I was..

Hehe!! It’s time!!

They were married at the AMAZING Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church in DC.

Preach it brotha…He did such a great job with the service!!

A private moment..

MAN that’s a good lookin’ bridal party..

Portrait timmmee! They are beautiful people…

I know the next two are basically the same, but I loved them both so much!!

Oh Kristy…

Oh gosh, this is embarrassing! This is a picture of my twin, Kristy’s sister Joy, Kristy and me.. At some point I’m going to have to blog about my mullet. Gah. But I loved seeing this! Kristy and her mom set up a ton of pictures at The Ballroom in Bethesda of Kristy and Kyle growing up. It was a great touch!

Beautiful cake!

The new Mr. and Mrs!

Love them:-)

The Kenney Holmes and Showbiz Band played and rocked it all night!!

So fun!

Kristy’s mom is Greek, so there were lots of Greek family there — the band played some music and we got to see a lot of Greek dances! It was awesome!

It was such a beautiful evening and the couple was sent of with some pretty awesome sparklers..


Special thanks to all of the amazing vendors who made for such an awesome day!

My AWESOME second shooter Becca!! Rebecca Watkins Photography. Thanks for everything, you did a great job and I loved having you!

Makeup: Meredith Ehler

Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Jasmine, at White Swan

Ceremony Venue: Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church

Day-of coordinator- Rachel Thomas

Reception Venue: The Ballroom

Reception lighting: Kristy’s co-workers! DJ Corkey and Neil Arey

Florals: Dionne’s Designs

Catering: AKS Catering

Linens: AKS Catering

Entertainment: Kenney Holmes

Videography: Tyler Herrinton





Jennifer This couple is just tooooo cute! I love love love this post!!!

Yaya Great job Currie! I love this one! I'm so proud of you!!

Alan and Carol Bicke You captured the day…well done!! Thanks Kristy and Kyle for getting married and giving us an excuse to zoom up to be with you. Thanks Lippards for inviting us to celebrate these two precious young people, and the God that we love and serve.

Kenneth Holmes Currie,

I have worked with many photographer in my 40years. I just had a feeling about you. i saw the way you worked and i knew that you were a cut above the rest. I was right, your of the wedding pics were great.

Esta Lippard You are an amazing story telller and photographer!!! thank you a million times over!! Yes God gets the Glory!

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