Joy and Andrew | Meridian Hill Park Engagement

There are so many things I want to say in this post, so bear with me if I ramble!

I’ve known Joy for basically my whole life!  As Kristy’s younger sister, I’ve seen her grow up from a little girl on a trampoline to the absolutely beautiful woman she is now.  There were some years that our families fell out of touch just living life, but over the last years we’ve reconnected a little; not only because of Kristy’s wedding but also because of our wonderful church! Joy often leads worship for church and it’s so fun to see her heart for worshiping the Lord. She’s a super talented singer/songwriter and invests fully in loving others and working on behalf of those that struggle to find a voice in our world. Make sure you check out her website and my favorite song of hers!

Now, Andrew and Joy’s story. Joy and Andrew met one evening at an event, and up to this point, neither had dated a ton. They both admit that it just seemed like no one really caught there eye enough to pursue anything. After that night though, things were different. Joy told me that she kept thinking she wanted to get to know that guy that she had met. Andrew had the same reaction, thinking there was something very different about that girl.

As time progressed, they were able to get to know each other better and after the first date, Joy remembers telling her mom, “I could marry that guy!”  She might not have known how it would turn out then, but now they are planning an April wedding and I personally couldn’t be more thrilled!

Joy and Andrew are so perfect together! They are passionate, talented and driven and truly bring out the best in each other. When I was first talking to Joy about Andrew, she told me that what she considered her strengths, he also had as strengths but MULTIPLIED. It’s so clear that these two just adore each other and I had SO MUCH fun with them! They are obviously beautiful and they were so comfortable in front of the camera; my job was so easy! They were TOTAL naturals and I’m so excited to share these images with you; they are some of my favorites ever!  And check out how awesome Meridian Hill Park is!

This photo was THE VERY FIRST frame I took! Look how awesome they are!

One of my favorites!

Ahh I love this! The water droplets look like sparkles!

Yes, they’re adorable!

Love this one!

And THIS one!

The next two are more favorites! I guess I had a lot of them!

Look at those SMILES! Gorgeous!

After an outfit change, we wandered around Meridian again for some nice golden light!

Gah!! Look at the flare! Love this!

Haha! I don’t remember what happened here, but I love the laughter!

Such a beautiful couple.

Congratulations you two!! I absolutely can’t wait for April!

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LetaLayne Love these! So gorgeous!

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