FAQs: Personal Edition

Good Monday everyone! It’s a touch rainy here in Northern VA today but I’m excited for all the pretty things coming to the blog this week!  (Did you see the sneak peek on Facebook?!)

Being that I’m a person of – ahem – smaller stature, there is a certain set of questions that I get asked quite often. As in, anywhere I go where I might meet new people. And I thought, hey, if people keep asking about it, I might as well answer on the blog for all who are wondering!  So in an effort to share who I am and be transparent with who I am I’m going to answer them here for all to see! Deep breath, Currie. Here we go:


#1: The MOST frequently asked question is —  How tall are you?

Sometimes I just answer, “Not very” but in reality, I’m 4’10”. I’ve always been little; when I was born, I was about 3.5 pounds (my twin was more like a normal baby size). I was always the smallest in my class and by 8th grade I was 4’8″. I grew 2 more inches in the following two years, but by 10th grade I had tapped out at 4’10”. Sometimes it’s easy to ignore, and sometimes I wish I was taller. But this is how I am and I’m going to do my best to not let it hinder me. And yes, sometimes that attitude leads to a Napoleon complex.

That picture cracks me up SO MUCH! It was taken on our trip to Venice during a study abroad in college. Shout out to my roomies J-dub and Becca T.

#2: What size shoe do you wear?

Sometimes I chuckle that people feel the necessity to ask me this, but I guess I would ask too if I saw how small my feet are. I normally wear a size 2 – yes, 2 – (but I actually also have a size 13 1/2 pair of sandals!) If I wanted, I could totally wear Dora the Explorer tennis shoes, but I think I’ll pass on that. Somehow it doesn’t scream adult.  I remember being a very young girl and trying on my mom’s heels and I had the mentality that someday I would be able to fit in them! Someday I would look like an adult and be like my mommy! By 7th grade I started wondering why some of the girls I knew were reaching their mother’s height and I still didn’t come to my mom’s shoulders. Or fit into her shoes. By 9th grade, I started realizing I would likely not reach an average height and I lost all hope for ever being able to wear a cute pair of heels that might make me feel less like a kid. After all, they don’t make 3 inch heels for 7 year olds.

After I felt doomed to never feel like a grown up,  I found Cinderella of Boston, a company that makes only small shoes and I couldn’t have been happier. So for those that would follow up #2 with questions about heels – YES I can wear heels (Praise the Lord!!) and I get them here:

#3 How old are you?

I feel better when people ask, because that at least means they aren’t sure or that I’m maybe giving off an adult vibe. I’m 24 years old, and will be 25 this October. Last summer I was handed a kids menu, and the summer before that someone thought I was 12. (When she handed me the kid’s menu, I was so tempted to to say, “Instead of the chicken fingers, can I have a glass of Chardonnay? Thanks..”   Sometimes it gets frustrating when people assume that you’re not old enough to drive or when people question your adult-hood. However, when people guess significantly younger than I actually am, they usually add, “Hey, you’ll appreciate it when you’re 50!” And that’s when I laugh and say “True!” I’m looking forward to that, I guess.  But I’m happy to report that it’s happening less -maybe that means I’m starting to act like an adult too!

#4 What’s it like to be a twin? Are you identical?

Usually I answer this by asking what it’s like to NOT be a twin. Though we are scientifically identical, we found out last year that we are probably what are called discordant twins. We ARE identical, but were nourished differently in the womb because of placement and thus you can easily tell us apart. She’s almost 5’4″!!  We aren’t telepathic, we don’t know what the other is thinking or doing. We aren’t touchy feel-y with each other and we have our own interests, though we both have a background in sports growing up and had fairly artistic majors in college (She majored in Theater with a concentration in design/tech, I majored in studio art) I think the best way to describe it is it’s like having a built in best friend. We rarely disagree on important things and I know how she’ll react to pretty much everything; I think we are comparable to normal sisters who are very close. We’re not incredibly connected like some twins, nor are we total opposites. We’ve pretty much always been in the same place, had many of the same friends, and gone through the same things; our lives have always run parallel to each other. It’s the kind of friendship that’s easy to take for granted I think; she’s just always been there. Always. I’m so thankful to have a twin sister like Leta; our personalities and attitudes are somewhat different, but complementary too. (*Side note: my parents say that as babies, one of us would cry and the other would watch. When the crying baby stopped, the other would start.  Sounds pretty nightmarish to me!)

I posted the above picture because I rarely think that we look a lot alike. I mean, we look alike be we’d never be able to pass for each other. One night we were sitting on the couch and I had my computer open while Leta was working on writing something. I turned the computer camera on and looked up and was SHOCKED by what I saw so I took a picture…When I looked at it a few weeks later, it took a minute to figure out which one was me! I’m the one on the left, Leta’s in the sweatshirt on the right.


So for all you inquisitive minds who might have had some of these questions, this was for you!  But don’t be afraid to ask if you have any other personal questions! I’m an open book!


Jennifer That picture of us makes me so happy…I just love it! :)

Jimmy Great post, Currie! Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us. I feel like I learn more about you each time. I just have 1 question, "how tall ARE you?"

Kurt I vote for more of these.

Amanda This is one of my favorite posts, next to the one about cats. I love your sense of humor! I laughed out loud at work as I read this line: “Instead of the chicken fingers, can I have a glass of Chardonnay? Thanks..” Would have loved to have been there!

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