Erin and Keith | Charlottesville Wedding

Erin and Keith were married on a gorgeous Saturday surrounded by their family and friends.  I count myself amazingly blessed to be counted in the “friends and family” category.  I know I’ve said it before, but Erin is one of those hearts that you just adore, and being a part of her wedding day was a total and complete honor. Both Erin and Keith have a certain amount of reservation and gentleness, but they love their friends with a fierce loyalty, for which I’m truly grateful. They make a fabulous pair and I’m so excited to see what the future holds for them!  Enjoy some of my favorites from their day!

I was so in love with her dress! Wait until you see the back!

(By the way, these are probably some of my favorite details I’ve ever shot! Love them!)

Each girl had a little silver clutch too! I was loving the sparkle!

Erin and Keith were married at Unity Church in Charlottesville. They just refinished their reception hall, making it the perfect place for Erin and Keith’s wedding!

The girls had some fun getting ready:-)

The little mouse figurine was Erin’s grandmother’s and it looked so cute peeking out of the flowers!


Some of my favorite portraits! Erin, you are stunning!

This one is my favorite I think! Such a model!

The girlies! This might be the first time that I knew all the bridesmaids before the wedding day! So fun!

Another Jordy sighting!

I got to spend a short time with Keith too, and he was looking pretty studly in his wedding attire!

My favorite!

The ceremony was beautiful!

Riley was the cutest ring bearer ever! Plus he had a ring bear. Which was amazing too:-)


Awesome bridal party!

Erin’s cake was made by a family friend and she did an incredible job!!

I love candy  bars!

I think first dances are possibly the best part of the wedding day. So romantic!

They were so happy!

Then the DJ opened up the floor to everyone!

John makes me laugh..

Leta! She’s made an appearance at my last two weddings!

Ha! Love this girl!

Jordy’s little sister! Leslie and Michael, you make adorable kids!

We also had some break-dancers!

CNU friends!! I love all these people SO MUCH and I loved sharing the day with them!

Haha Chris! I think he loves her 😉

I loved these two!!

Benefits of having an awesome couple – they stayed late for their portraits! The reception ended around 6:30 so I asked if they wouldn’t mind doing portraits then since we couldn’t get them done earlier in the day (which worked out for me because of lighting).  They were awesome enough to say yes and we even got to drive to the nearby golf course/park! Ya’ll are my heroes!

Love the one on the right!

I love this one a lot!

Erin climbed over that fence in her wedding dress (with ease, I might add) and it was totally worth it!

I loved this spot! And they are the sweetest:-)

Charlottesville mountains are so pretty!

This one might be my favorite from the whole day! Erin and Keith were so happy to be married and this picture shows it!

I’ll end on this one – the joining of hands and hearts for a lifetime.

Erin and Keith, I love you both so so very much! I loved celebrating with you, but more than that I loved seeing you both so happy to be married and starting life together. I know it’s going to be an amazing journey for you and I’m so excited that I could be there at the start with you. You both have the sweetest hearts and I’m incredibly blessed to know you and call you my friends.

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