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Tyler is ENGAGED!

Guys!! I am SO excited to announce that my sister is going to be marrying her best friend and love of her life!!! Here is the abbreviated story: It all started about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Herbert called up my dad and wanted to meet up for breakfast while Tyler was on her Thailand/India […]

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Michele and Matt | Alexandria Wedding


This wedding…where to begin? I LOVED everything about it. From the French inspired elegance, to the classic roses, from celebrating my 30th wedding since 2010 to working with Tyler; the whole experience was wonderful! As Tyler and I looked back on the day after it was over, the one thing we kept saying was, “They […]

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Tina and Steven | Sunset Crest Manor Wedding


Tina and Steven’s day was absolutely beautiful! Although the weather was a little gray, the hearts and smiles were so warm! I loved this wedding so much because Tina and Steven were SO excited to be married; there were many  happy tears and just gratefulness of being together. They are the perfect complements to each other; they’re both true sweethearts and I couldn’t […]

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Amanda and Branden | Phoenix, Arizona Wedding


If you were to ask me about Amanda and Branden’s big day, I could tell you about the phenomenal weather, the incredible scenery, or the overall beauty at every turn. (Yes, EVERY turn)  And while that description is true, you’d be missing the core – the very heart of this occasion. You see, Amanda and […]

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Stoladi Christmas Party

Well, I’ve made it to Arizona! Why, you may ask? Weeeellllll….. I’m shooting Amanda and Branden’s wedding tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited!! And it’s even MORE exciting since I’ll be working with my older sister for this special day; I simply can’t wait. Arizona has been one of my favorite states since I […]

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