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International Justice Mission

Hi friends! I wanted to take just a minute and tell you about a FANTASTIC organization! It’s the International Justice Mission, founded by Gary Haugen, and last night we had the privilege of attending their DC benefit! (Excuse the poor quality photo, it was just my point-and-shoot camera) IJM is an organization that I’ve been […]

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Things I love: Guacamole


If you know me well, you know that I LOVE guacamole. Like, a lot. The BEST guacamole is from Rosa Mexicano, (one of the greatest restaurants EVER) so when my mom mimicked their recipe and made her own, I was thrilled to pieces! However, seeing as how I don’t live with my parents anymore, I […]

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Things I love: Pitch Perfect

My roommmates and I rented a movie last week called Pitch Perfect. I didn’t know how I would react to it since I didn’t know too much about it, but hey, everyone loves a good music movie, right?  The movie is about competitive collegiate a Capella, which I obviously know nothing about. So we watched […]

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Things I love: Lose it!

Screen Shot 2012-10-16 at 9.38.15 AM

Hello everyone! We’ve been moved in for a while now, but I feel like things are just now finally calming down so that maybe I can get back to blogging a little more regularly again! So today I wanted to talk about a new app I just got and I think it’s genius! But first, […]

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Things I love: Bistro Bohem

Dobrý den, readers! If you know me, you know my affinity for all things Czech. I’ve even been doing a little bit of Czech-cheering during the Olympics! After my study abroad in Prague in the early months of 2008, it seemed like home – I look back on my time there with love and affection, […]

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