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International Justice Mission

Hi friends! I wanted to take just a minute and tell you about a FANTASTIC organization! It’s the International Justice Mission, founded by Gary Haugen, and last night we had the privilege of attending their DC benefit! (Excuse the poor quality photo, it was just my point-and-shoot camera) IJM is an organization that I’ve been...

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EXCITING NEWS!!! Honesty Time.

Hi everyone!! So, my blogging has been fairly non-existent lately. BUT, that was for a reason. You see, when it came to photography, I felt like my business was kind of stuck. I had some weddings in the fall, but I felt like blogging had lost its purpose, and on a deeper level perhaps my...

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The #1 ball in golf

Ahh!! Yesterday I got a text saying how cool it was that I was part of Team Titleist. And at first I was thinking… “I’m what?”  But then I remembered when my friend Missy and I headed out to Stonewall Golf Club to play a round with Titleist‘s new golf ball that was still in...

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Things I love: Guacamole


If you know me well, you know that I LOVE guacamole. Like, a lot. The BEST guacamole is from Rosa Mexicano, (one of the greatest restaurants EVER) so when my mom mimicked their recipe and made her own, I was thrilled to pieces! However, seeing as how I don’t live with my parents anymore, I...

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MaeBelle at 13 weeks

I posted about our love nugget right after we got her and she was only 7 weeks! We’d had her for a total of two nights, and I had no idea what would be in store. MaeBelle has brought our little house so much joy and love! …and exercise! We go on walks daily, which...

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