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My Family!


Apparently, I’m getting in the habit of not blogging about a holiday until the next one comes up. So today, I’m talking about Thanksgiving!!  This Thanksgiving, we planned on taking family photos! Oddly, this is only something we’ve done the last two years; we’ve never really done a ton of family pictures in general and […]

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The Molfino Family


Oh. My. Goodness. Are you guys ready for another super cute family?? If you’ve followed the blog for a while, then you probably recognize Alicia, Nick and Gia. Like her cousin, Niko, I photographed Gia a long time ago too (June of 2010!!) and back then she was as cute as could be! (see below) […]

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The Diller Family


The first time I ever blogged about Niko was in January of 2010, and little Niko was the newest edition to Sheree and Joe’s life. I was just beginning to be more serious about photography at the time and she was the cutest little baby! Well, things certainly have changed since then but Niko is […]

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Monday Announcements

It’s Monday everyone! Who’s excited?? Well, I would be excited about a new week, but today I’m dealing with a small crisis or two, but it’s all going to work out fine! Just two announcements today – 1. Katie Gordon is the winner for the Target gift card! Congrats! That’ll be coming your way soon, […]

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The Shaws 2012


Whenever I do these sessions, I always think of that line from Celine Dion – “Another year has gone byyy-hyyyyy“. The last time I had these guys in front of the camera was almost a year ago, and it’s crazy how much difference a year makes! And the funny thing is, I remember last year’s […]

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