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My business trip to Florida

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Last week I didn’t blog for one very important reason. I was on vacation¬† a business trip and I didn’t bring my laptop so that I could enjoy work in Florida from morning til night. For those of you wondering, this business trip was through my other job, and it’s an annual trip that’s necessary […]

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This has {No subject}

Whew! I know I haven’t blogged at ALL this week. Bad bad bad. There has been so much going on though, which is a good thing! Although, admittedly, it hasn’t been as much photography stuff. But I digress. So, the election happened, which is big news. As I stood in line to vote (at 6:15am!) […]

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Robyn and Colin | Leesburg Wedding


This was a day that everyone was ready for.¬† When the couple is totally in love, and the support of friends and family is thrown around them, it just seems like they can’t be married soon enough! After all the planning and work, their day was finally here!¬† I was a touch nervous about the […]

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