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Free Write Friday

Did ya miss me? Because I missed you! I know my absence has been entiredly¬†too long! But things have finally gotten settled and I’m ready to get back into routine! We have successfully moved to our townhouse in Herndon, and we love it! There have been a few setbacks and frustrations, but overall we are […]

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Today as I write, I’m surrounded by boxes. And boxes. Packing not yet finished, walls still to be painted. The only thing left on my desk is my lonely iMac, and most of my clothes are boxed up. I look around and my main thought is getting these boxes out of here, and putting them […]

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Hey everyone! Just a quick post to let you know a couple things: 1) It’s OFFICIAL! We found a beautiful townhouse in Herndon (yeah, sadly not Reston, but hey, it’s close right?) Pictures will follow once we get settled, BUT this means that I’ll be moving probably before the month is out. HOLY COW I […]

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My first taste of foreign money came when my 9th grade Spanish teacher gave us some bills from Bolivia. I remember thinking it was pretty much the coolest thing ever! I’m not sure why it fascinated me so much, but it did! So when I made my first out of country trip, I made sure […]

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The Shaws 2012


Whenever I do these sessions, I always think of that line from Celine Dion – “Another year has gone byyy-hyyyyy“. The last time I had these guys in front of the camera was almost a year ago, and it’s crazy how much difference a year makes! And the funny thing is, I remember last year’s […]

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