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Things I love: Coke

I happened to be going through some of my Israel pictures today when I happened upon the following pictures: (The top picture was taken our way to Palestinian controlled Bethlehem; hence the Arabic writing. The below picture was taken near Megiddo, so it’s written in Hebrew) I reminded myself how much I love coke (AND […]

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A special Lady

My mom is an incredibly special lady. In the production of life, she is the stage manager. Without her, there is chaos. But she chooses to let others shine in the spotlight. I picture my mom hanging around the curtains watching the stage with a smile on her face. Yes, she made it happen, and […]

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Kristy and Kyle | Great Falls Engagement


I first met Kristy in…kindergarten? First grade? Something like that I think, and in those days I just remember how much everyone liked her. I don’t know if she’d admit it, but all the girls wanted to be her friend, and all the boys liked her too. (Yes, she was cool.) Fourth grade was really […]

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When Ashley emailed me and asked if I wanted to be involved in a project, I was so honored and so excited. She shared with me about her makeup business, and her desire to eventually use it as a ministry. Her passion for transformation – both inner and outer – is intoxicating, and her dream […]

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Brandon | Reston Portraits

Photographing men hasn’t ever been my strong suit. It’s typically easier to work with girls – they are excited about pictures, you can try tons of poses and play with some girly light. My in-the-box thinking always makes me feel like girls allow for more freedom.  So, I wanted to challenge myself to work with […]

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