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Ashley & Chris | Day After

It’s your wedding day. You have tons to do and the day goes by in flash often leaving just a few minutes to capture portraits of you and your new spouse on the most important day of your lives.  Both you and the photographer would love to have more time to make you feel like […]

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A Beautiful Nightmare: The PAT

It was kind of like a nightmare. But it didn’t look like one. The morning sky was clear and blue, and later the afternoon sun was diffused through golden trees and sat gently on fairways.  I was afraid of cold or wet weather but other than being really windy at times, it actually turned out […]

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Coming Soon

Ok, it’s 2:45 AM and I just got home, but I am too excited to go to sleep without posting something from today’s session!  Get ready!

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I remember the first day that I picked up a golf club. (Ok, so it wasn’t the VERY first; I had played a little when I was about 6…this was the first time since then) I was about 17 and it was the summer that I dedicated myself to getting better at basketball for my […]

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The Boymel Family


I first met Hanna at Reese’s wedding earlier this summer.  Hanna is Reese’s sister and they are both beautiful inside and out! I had the honor of taking some fall family photos for Hanna this weekend at Great Falls Park. We were hoping the foliage would have been a bit more colorful this time of […]

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