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    Hi there! My name is Currie FitzHugh and I am a wedding and relaxed portrait photographer based in Northern Virginia. This blog is not only to show off my amazing clients and keep up with my latest shoots; it's also for me to document my life as it happens! Here, you'll find stories (mine AND yours!) and lots of photos to go along with them. Take a look around and visit my website if you'd like to know more! I'd love to hear from you!

Tyler is ENGAGED!

Guys!! I am SO excited to announce that my sister is going to be marrying her best friend and love of her life!!!

Here is the abbreviated story:

It all started about 4 or 5 weeks ago. Herbert called up my dad and wanted to meet up for breakfast while Tyler was on her Thailand/India trip. Well, we were all hoping it was going to be an important discussion and IT WAS. He wanted my dad’s blessing to marry his daughter, which my father joyfully gave. Soon after that, I got a call from him as well. He wanted to meet up so we could start talking about RINGS!! Ahh! Leta and I met with him to talk about what she was looking for and where we could shop. After going to a few places with him, Herbert was able to find THE PERFECT ring and then we started talking about how to make it all happen!

Herbert had the awesome idea of proposing at the range, and I for one was SO thrilled that at least one of us could have a major life event happen there. The place is so special to my family and the fact that we all got to be there and see it happen is just so great and so fun!

The idea was that because Herbert and Dad love to fly their drones at the range, he would ask Tyler to come join them like she has done many times before. Nothing suspicious there. They were going to the Gold Cup afterwards, so we knew it would be perfect because she’d be dressed up. We went back and forth about if the family should be there or not, and after talking about how I wanted to take pictures and Daddy wanted to video it, we decided, “hey, why not?” And Herbert was so gracious to let us be involved with the whole thing! On Saturday, May 7th, it was finally time to make it happen!

Dad was so excited that he got there at 5:30 that morning. Herbert, Leta and I got there around 8:30 with about an hour to prepare.We set up the drones and cameras..

We ate some breakfast (photo courtesy of Dad’s video)…

We looked at the ring (Leta’s iphone pic)..And I found my hiding place – sniper mode (Leta’s iphone pic)

Caught! This photo courtesy of Dad’s video..

Everything was going great. But when Mom arrived with Tyler and it was time for Dad to fire up his drone… a propeller flew off. Not good.

But we pressed on; Dad and mom slipped into the background while Leta and I kept our hiding places. Tyler looked RIGHT AT ME and I thought the gig was up. But she still says she never saw me!

Herbert had put the ring box under his drone so she wouldn’t see it right away. When he picked it up, she still couldn’t see what was going on..(see the ring box in his left hand?)

But when he dropped to one knee, it all came together.


We could finally congratulate them!

Parental hugs..

Such happiness!

And what would this post be without a closeup of the BLING?! Isn’t it AMAZING? It’s SO incredibly perfect for her!!

Congratulations to my favorite new couple!! I love you both!!!


Hey ya’ll! This is only my second post of 2016, so obviously this is important! I wanted to introduce you to a great friend of mine! Gracia is an amazing girl in my small group so it should be no surprise how much she means to me! Not only is she bee-u-tiful, she has such a sweet spirit and great insight. She’s such a delight to know and I’m so thankful that she’s one of the girls that I get to walk through life with! Take a look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean!

Love you, Gracia!

I’ve Been Blogging…

I have been blogging… just not here! I’ve taken a break from photography to focus my efforts on the family business, but I’ve also taken some pretty cool trips this winter! I went to El Salvador for a missions trip, and then I went to Iceland and Prague! So I decided to start a travel blog which would be totally separate from photography. The link is here:  I’m really enjoying blogging my experiences over there; go check it out!

Joy and Andrew | Morais Vineyards Wedding

I think the mark of a great wedding is not one where the scenery was beyond gorgeous, or where the celebration was the most energetic you’ve ever experienced, or where the couple is just so adorable. No, I think a great wedding is one when you come away touched or moved; changed in some way. Joy and Andrew’s wedding was like that. The scenery was indeed fantastic, and there was a seriously fabulous celebration, and obviously Joy and Andrew are basically the cutest ever. But what I’ll remember the most is the love that was so bright and shining, a love that moved me in a deep way.

I can’t talk or think about this day without thinking about how the love of Jesus was written all over this day – it was a true depiction of God’s love for the church. I am rarely emotional during the ceremony, but for this one I was on the verge of tears basically the entire time. The words from the Pastor, the song from Joy, the reverence for the Lord couldn’t have been a better declaration of His love for us. And I was deeply touched. I was humbled and uplifted and encouraged, and I left that night praising God for who He is. THAT to me, is a GREAT wedding.

Joy and Andrew, I literally can’t thank you enough for inviting me to be a part of your day – a day where we praised the Lord together for all that He’s done and all that He will do. I’ll never forget it. Thank you for welcoming me so fully and for being a beacon of light to the world around you. I can’t wait to see how God will use you in Texas!

Also, I’m going to ruin the surprise and tell you now that Joy wrote a song for Andrew *before* they even met. Joy’s mom sent it to me and I thought it was fantastically beautiful, so I’m going to post the video here – Joy explains the song first, and then plays “I Will Always Love You”…go ahead and listen to the song while you scroll!


On the right is a photo of Joy and Kristy with the veil they both wore for their weddings!

Joy was such a happy bride!

Such special ladies:-)

Oh my gosh guys, look how beautiful they all are! And the light and the venue and the colors…I’m loving these!

Joy, you’re GORGEOUS!

My second shooter, Sarah, took this and I love it!

I could’ve shot right here for hours! I love all these!

Proud parents!

Look at one of the sweet flower girls!

The girls gathered together so Joy could open her gift from and Andrew and pray together..

Needless to say, she loved it!

Sarah got to hang out with the guys and I’m so thankful for all the great shots she got!

Lookin’ sharp, guys!

Ceremony time! Morais Vineyards was so gorgeous!


Dear Hanna and Lippard parents – can I just say that you raised some truly wonderful children?

This one is definitely a favorite!

This is one of Sarah’s that I’ll see more of hers throughout the day.

Another one of Sarah’s…

Ah! I love this one!

Another huge thank you to Sarah who got photos of these details!

That’s Ben Lashey, people! If you don’t know him, you should.

First Dances are without doubt my favorite part of the wedding day…

Sarah’s angle…

The Barthelsons! Love you guys!!

I couldn’t decide which of the next two I liked better – so you get both:-)

Instead of a bouquet toss, they did a bouquet handoff – someone did it for Joy and Andrew and I think it’s a great idea!

Then Andrew said that he got to watch Joy sing week after week, and all he wanted was to do a duet:-)

Then a surprise dance happened…

with a great finish!

Ha! Love you guys:-)


Congratulations you two!

And a MAJOR thank you to the amazing vendors who made the whole day come together!

Venue: Morais Vineyards

Invitations: Lovely Lettering

Makeup: Meredith Ehler

Florals: Farrays Decorations

Caterer:  Caroline Street Catering

Cake: Angela, Cake As You Like It

Tommy Lynn Layton So beautiful! Love the one of Esta's mom praying. Love this family. Joy – praying that you will grow together in the Lord in a mighty way!

Elaine BEAUTIFUL wedding! The Lord has many plans for your future and He is there to guide you! Blessings to you both on your marriage and a new beginning of your life! God Bless!!

Judi Schleiden Beautiful wedding, beautiful pictures! Loved the picture of Esta's Mom praying, such a very sweet woman. Also the picture of Esta and Joy hugging brought tears to my eyes.

Kristy These are amazing photos!! Currie, you did such a beautiful job capturing their big day! well done and thanks for sharing :)

esta Beautifully captured!!

thank you

Joy and Andrew | Meridian Hill Park Engagement

There are so many things I want to say in this post, so bear with me if I ramble!

I’ve known Joy for basically my whole life!  As Kristy’s younger sister, I’ve seen her grow up from a little girl on a trampoline to the absolutely beautiful woman she is now.  There were some years that our families fell out of touch just living life, but over the last years we’ve reconnected a little; not only because of Kristy’s wedding but also because of our wonderful church! Joy often leads worship for church and it’s so fun to see her heart for worshiping the Lord. She’s a super talented singer/songwriter and invests fully in loving others and working on behalf of those that struggle to find a voice in our world. Make sure you check out her website and my favorite song of hers!

Now, Andrew and Joy’s story. Joy and Andrew met one evening at an event, and up to this point, neither had dated a ton. They both admit that it just seemed like no one really caught there eye enough to pursue anything. After that night though, things were different. Joy told me that she kept thinking she wanted to get to know that guy that she had met. Andrew had the same reaction, thinking there was something very different about that girl.

As time progressed, they were able to get to know each other better and after the first date, Joy remembers telling her mom, “I could marry that guy!”  She might not have known how it would turn out then, but now they are planning an April wedding and I personally couldn’t be more thrilled!

Joy and Andrew are so perfect together! They are passionate, talented and driven and truly bring out the best in each other. When I was first talking to Joy about Andrew, she told me that what she considered her strengths, he also had as strengths but MULTIPLIED. It’s so clear that these two just adore each other and I had SO MUCH fun with them! They are obviously beautiful and they were so comfortable in front of the camera; my job was so easy! They were TOTAL naturals and I’m so excited to share these images with you; they are some of my favorites ever!  And check out how awesome Meridian Hill Park is!

This photo was THE VERY FIRST frame I took! Look how awesome they are!

One of my favorites!

Ahh I love this! The water droplets look like sparkles!

Yes, they’re adorable!

Love this one!

And THIS one!

The next two are more favorites! I guess I had a lot of them!

Look at those SMILES! Gorgeous!

After an outfit change, we wandered around Meridian again for some nice golden light!

Gah!! Look at the flare! Love this!

Haha! I don’t remember what happened here, but I love the laughter!

Such a beautiful couple.

Congratulations you two!! I absolutely can’t wait for April!

LetaLayne Love these! So gorgeous!